Ahoy Valentine!

Dear Olivia,

Your brother, dad and I put together your Valentine’s stuff for your classroom party tomorrow. Sage loved helping mix the cupcake batter. He thinks the mixing machine is amazing and now insists on putting anything and everything into it. The scary part is he’s figured out how to also push his chair around the kitchen to reach and turn the machine on and off, but also get to anything else he wants. Worse than that, he’s figured out that He’s getting smarter by the minute! He was so good at following your direction. Now he’s setting his own path and it’s a little scary. 

I found a great idea on Pinterest that reminded me of you. You know how you love Pirate Booty…well I bought a bunch of the snack size bags and used some of the thank cards with your photos on them to create your V-day cards. I used the hole puncher to put a hole in the bag and the card. Then I tied them together with a ribbon with a lollipop in the middle. I wrote, “Ahoy Valentine! You’re a real treasure. Thank you for being my friend,” on the back of each card. The final touch was the different colored pipe cleaners that Sage and I shaped into hearts and glued around your photos on the front. It turned out really cute. I think your classmates will enjoy them and I’m sure your teachers will be reminded of how much you loved Pirate Booty. 

I won’t be able to drop everything off at school myself, but Miss Kim and Sage will make sure it all arrives on time. I know that if you were here you’d be super proud to be taking it all of it in yourself. Classroom party days always made you happy. 

I still haven’t found my celebrating self, but I’m glad I could do this for your class. Olivia projects keep me going and Sage enjoys helping out. I picked up a Valentine’s Day balloon and a few small treats for your brother to have tomorrow. I told him Cupid’s coming. He keeps asking me, who? He doesn’t get any cute hair ties or heart t-shirts, but I’m sure he’ll know that he is loved just as much as his sister.

I love you, Liv.



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