Dear Olivia,

When I talk to my brother (your Uncle Chaddy) I’m always left feeling so grateful to have him. We might be sixteen years and 3,000 miles a part, but we’re as close as siblings come. I share my strangest thoughts and secrets with him. I know he’s my brother and that we’re both our mothers children because he can always relate to my strange beliefs and weirdness. He understands I’m on the verge of another dozen tears every time I say your name, and he gets why I’m so disgusted with all our other family members who haven’t acknowledged you’re gone. It’s been bothing me more this week than the past 9 weeks. I’ve tried to let it go and chalk it up as “grieving is different for everyone.” A comment that I constantly hear…but I can’t. I’m writing them off. I plan to write each of them a letter expressing my heartache and disgust.  If people haven’t had the decency to pay respect then I want nothing to do with them. I’m done. 

These last 10 weeks have been miserable without you. I never imagined that any human being could cry this much. Your dad, Sage and I are living from one day to the next, but we’d much rather be doing it with you. We miss having you with us to guide our day. You are loved and thought about every minute of everyday.



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