Forever On My Mind 

Dear Olivia,
I’m on my sixth audiobook of the year. Can you believe it? I went from listening to upbeat happy music during my 2 hour commute, to a wide variety of non-fiction and fiction stories. Everything I’ve read has reminded me of you. First it was the baby who died in “Small Great Things.” That was the book I was reading when you went to the hospital. I’ll never forget when I explained to our friend in the waiting area, Deirdre, that I had just started that book. After I began sharing what the book was about she suggested that stop reading it. I agreed, but couldn’t stop. It was that good.

My second book was “House Rules.” The third book, “What Happened to Alice,” which I won’t even try to explain. The reader’s were Australian and I got too caught in their use of the English language. My fourth book was “Baby Doll” and throughout that story I kept thinking about what we would have done if we were the mother, daughter characters. My last book was “Leaving Time.” It started slow, but became intense and I didn’t even realize how close to home it was till the very end. 

The book I started this week is, “The Immortal Henrietta Lacks.” Several people have said they loved the book, but not a single person mentioned that Henrietta’s first daughter was born with Epilepsy and was also non-verbal. Seriously? 

Her name was Elsie and although her portion of the book isn’t the main focus of the story it’s been difficult to listen to parts about her without thinking about you. 

I’m so incredibly grateful for everything you taught me in your short life. If I could do it all again…I would. Even the hardest parts. 

The BBF Beeper Hunt is coming up and we want to make sure you continue to be a part of it. This year one of the beeping eggs for kids with visual impairments will have a Braille and text message on it that reads, “We Love U Olivia D. Gelardin.” 

We haven’t decided if we’re going yet. It might be too hard, but we’re content in knowing that you’ll be remembered there. 

I miss you, Liv.



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